About Us

Ready for new adventures

Indianna is a manifestation of the gypsy state of mind across all aspects of modern lifestyle. Starting off as a European grassroots brand and upholding the gypsy spirit not just as a fashion trend but as a complete attitude in life, Indianna goes at greats lengths around the world to discover clothing, jewelry and accessories that will help you add the gypsy touch to your moments.

The life and soul of Indianna is Anna Traka, from Thessaloniki, Greece. Being an avid traveler and wanderer of the world herself, Indianna’s founder derives inspiration from her trips around the world, from urban hubs, to exotic beaches, picturesque coutryside and secluded islands. In all of these trips, Anna came across and was genuinely fascinated with original craftsmanship, non-pretentious creation and genuine taste, as this is embodied in people’s living environments. Wishing to make this originality widely accessible and to encourage more and more like-minded people to make the gypsy spirit part of their state of mind, Anna set up Indianna as a niche meeting point for gypsy and boho lovers to meet up and share their passion.

With the very essence of what it is to live a bohemian lifestyle in mind, every piece of the brand has been handpicked by Anna herself.

We hope you enjoy exploring our range of bohemian inspired jewelry and accessories.

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